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Product Description
Function: uncoiling, straightening, punching, shaping, shearing (cross shearing)
Features: complete the process of stamping sheet metal parts from roll to sheet metal parts at one time, improve the efficiency of production management;
                2 open-reel operators, 2 shearing operators, 2 CNC punch operators, and production assistance personnel
                What is reduced is not only manpower, but also uncertainty of production plan and unstable factors of quality.
                Production process interrupted by normal rest requirements;
                Adopt standard mould of brick and tower press, flexible programming of shape, position and quantity.
                No longer need to design and make the mold to consume precious time, shorten the production cycle;
                The panel is not limited by the length of the plate, at least 50% of the plate utilization;
                Standard configuration of the transverse shear station, time consumption of the continuous step to reduce 50%;
                Full modular design, can be increased or decreased according to different requirements functional modules.
Optional functions: precision leveling, ruler plate loading, LT (large size brick and tower stamping die) station, HT (large size customized stamping die) station, TN (trimming and opening Angle) station, longitudinal shear station, automatic sorting and piling, etc
Applicable fields: steel furniture, metal doors, cabinets, air conditioning heating equipment, customized kitchen equipment, building materials, etc
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model PCC60/e PCC80/e PCC100/e PCC125/e PCC150/e
Width of the coil 610 815 1016 1250 1525
The thickness of the coil 5/2 4/2 4/2 3.5/2 3/2
Mold base number 1 2 2 2 2
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