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                          Brand:  FLADDER
 Date of establishment:  1970
Headquarters address:  ANSAGER, Denmark
             Product areas:  Flexible deburring and chamfering equipment 
                     Features:  Originator of flexible deburring and chamfering equipment
                            Applicable for Precision chamfering of sheet metal stamping and cutting parts 
                            Metal surface deburring Sanding and deburring for surfaces of wood products




                           Brand:  K-LAB
 Date of establishment:  2010
 Headquarters address:  Gunpo, Gyeonggi, South Korea
              Product areas:  Design and manufacturing of laser processing systems
                      Features:  Multiple patented technologies in the field of special laser processing
                             Image detection and tracked welding system
                             High-speed shaped products cutting system
                             High-speed laser welding system for circuit boards





                           Brand:  PIVATIC

 Date of establishment:  1975

Headquarters address:  HYVINKAA, Finland

              Product areas:  Automatic unwinding punching line

                          Automatic continuous multi-station bending line

                          Automatic unwinding punching bending system

                      Features:  The entire process of sheet metal processing from unwinding, punching, stretching, 

                                       shearing, bending, to welding, which is completed at one time by the reels through

                                       automatic flexible production lines, while satisfying the needs for automated efficient

                                       production and customized flexible production.






                          Brand:  Germany RAS

 Date of establishment:  1939

Headquarters address:  Sindelfingen, Stuttgart, Germany

              Product areas:  Full-automatic bending molding equipment

                          Semi-automatic bending molding equipment

                             CNC folding machine

                          CNC board cutting machine

                          CNC duct molding equipment

                     Features:  75-year-old family business,The only bending molding equipment manufacturer in

                                      the world with product lines ranging from stand-alone CNC machines to automatic

                                      bending production lines.








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